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Today, I decided to write about people, who in one way or another, influenced me and had a remarkable impact in my life. They could be family members, friends, or even acquaintances. They are people who made “major major” difference in my life. So here’s the first one….

my eldest brother…

We both grew up away from our parents. We lived with our Aunt Neneng, who supported us in our studies. He became a father & mother to me. During my elementary years, he’s been there teaching me things that I would be using later on in my high school and  in college life…and even until now.

I remember him having me memorized the multiplication table so I don’t have to use my fingers in counting. He taught me how to type properly in the typewriter, how to use the dictionary, to read my textbooks in advance before the lesson is discuss in school…and many more.

He may not have realized it, or say, I may not have told him…but I’ve learned a lot from him. And he taught me all these things when I’m still in 2nd and 3rd grade:

1. Walk faster. By doing so, you can save time and use that time to do other important things. He was the S2 – Intelligence in  CAT (Cadet Army Training) in his 4th year in high school. We walk together to the highway to ride the jeepney going to our school. It’s a perfect time for him to practice his ridiculously “fast walking.”  I always ended up crying for being left behind.:-)

2. Read…read…read. Read the book from cover to cover. He has GREATLY influenced me in this area. Reading has been a big part of my life because I was exposed to it at a younger age.  He always read even in the  toilet. He would reason out that, while “something” is going out down there…something is coming in inside his head.^_^

3. Never watch a movie without seeing the beginning. You won’t fully understand and appreciate the story if you only got to see the middle and the ending.

4. Be extremely careful with gadgets.

5. Read the Bible first or books about to God before reading secular books.

6. Never idolize celebrities. “You may know a lot about them, but they don’t know you and they can’t help you when you have problems.” He told me this when he saw me cutting pictures of my fave actress in a magazine.

7. What you do or don’t do today, you will suffer the consequences tomorrow. That is do what you can do today and don’t wait for tomorrow.

8. Why settle for good when you can have better, and why settle for “better” when you can have the best. He simply wants me to always aim higher. Don’t be contented with what you “only” have especially when you are capable of excelling. It doesn’t mean to live beyond our means, but don’t settle for mediocrity. Aim for excellence!

9. Study is more important than play. Not that I can’t play, but I have to prioritize my studies.  Balance is the key! He’s an achiever from elementary until college.

10. Hard work and patience. Never forget where you came from. It will lead you to your future. No matter how humble our beginnings may have been, it isn’t an excuse for laziness and idleness.  My brother studied in Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP) as a self-supporting student. His major is Theology, a 4-year course, but took him more than that before he graduated as Magna Cum Laude. During his college years, my aunt no longer paid for his tuition fees. The perseverance he had, prepared him for what he is enjoying now.

11. Be Thrifty. I remember the time when he only have 2 pesos allowance everyday and I have 1 peso. He would save 1 peso everyday and put it in a box he made himself. By the time our mom comes to visit us once a year, he has his “piggy box” already full and he would give it to her.

12. Quality rather than quantity. He’s good in saving money but he is not stingy. In fact he would never buy any cheap things unless the quality is really good. Not just in shopping but in all things.

13. Eating vegetables. I always eat with a ruler beside me when I was young. Why? Because I don’t like eating vegetables. My aunt or our house helper would threaten me just to make me eat  my veggies. One day, my brother told me this, “Someday you will realize how important vegetables are to your body.” That’s the only thing he told me and I started eating vegetables.

14. Pray..pray…pray. Never sleep or get out of bed without praying. Never travel without pausing for a prayer.

15. Learn to do things on your own. Never think that someone will always be there to help you. You have to learn to be independent. Maybe that explains why I am independent now. I rarely ask for help…^_*

16. Use or develop your talents. He’s good in drawing and in calligraphy. Very creative. I remember him picking up a shard of glass he saw on the roadside. He cut out some hearts and doves shapes on a thick cardboard paper and glued them on the glass. Using books as support on both sides, a lamp, an empty pen and colored pencils, he made bookmarks and sold them to his classmates.

17. Choose a partner that will lead you closer to God. This is my guiding principle in choosing my future life companion.

18. Never give Papa & Mama headaches (problems). I love my parents so much! So I never dare to disrespect them.

19. Ect…etc…etc!!!

When my brother graduated in high school, I have no idea that he would be leaving to study in AUP. I was too young then to realize that I was devastated. I was so dependent on him in almost everything. I felt confident if he’s around cause I can always ask him. At that time though, he did not abandon me. He would write me letters always reminding me to study hard and always pray for our parents and siblings, to always read my Bible and pray and read more books.

I’m thankful to God for giving me a role model. I would always do and follow what he says, for I know that he would not tell or teach me things that is not for my benefit. Our parents are always proud of him, saying that they never had problems with him for he is a good and obedient son. We’re always proud of him and we love him so much! I will be proud of him!

You can always get to know him more by visiting his website and webpages.