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This neon pink, spiral notebook is very memorable to me. Written on its pages are letters and messages from people who became part of my life during my missionary training at 1000MM. Below are selected messages from friends whom I kept in touch with even after we’re dispatched to our respective mission fields.

Mimi is such a creative person! 

she drew this especially for me! ^_^

Mimi, Mie2x or Mimi Bear as I call her, is one of my fave in our batch. The first time I saw her, I knew that she is different from the others. I like her for being true and not pretentious. Showing her true self and being down to earth. She’s really talented in arts and even in music, although, I think she’s quite shy to really expose her talents…hehehe! šŸ™‚

from Jackie

She came at the same time with Mie2x. She’s usually quiet. She’s quite talented in music and in arts just like Mimi. She’s like a younger sister to me.

She is life in person. One of the things I like about her is that she’s so friendly and doesn’t hold any grudge to anyone. So humble, cheerful and not hard to please. Easy and nice to be with.

she requested to have the last page

From my good friend Paning. I like to call her “Panz”Ā  with the “z” ~~hehe! She became one of my best friends in the campus during training and even after training. We became like sisters. I would adopt her to be my sister if I could. Now she’s married so no more adoption! ^^* We share a lot of things in common. She’s someone I could really trust and she understands me more than anyone else.

before she became a pearl, she was a butterfly

Sweet and bubbly Meg, whose real name is a message to the world itself…Maranatha! (Jesus is coming again) She’s one a few persons I know who is very optimistic and self-motivated. Has a very light and easy personality. Someone fun to be with.

from Lovrell

We both had negative impressions on each other at first, until we got to know each other and found out that both of us were wrong about our impressions. He became like a younger brother to me. Very talented and adventurous. His sanguine personality makes him fun to be with. Paning and I became like big sisters to him.

These pages may fade overtime, but not the memories.

Thanks guys! For all the wonderful times we shared together! šŸ™‚