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30, 442 verses in the King James Version

22, 485 verses in the Old Testament

7, 957 verses in the New Testament

845,000 words in the King James Version

647, 000 in the Old Testament

198,000 in the New Testament

It takes about 70hrs. and 40mins. to read the Bible aloud

Jesus quoted from 22 Old Testament books

The Bible contains 8,810 promises. 7,487 were given by God to human.

1/8 of these promises are in New Testament

Isaiah is a mini Bible. 66books=66 chapters

“IN CHRIST” – used 165 times in the New Testament

Psalms –  the longest book (150 chapters)

Psalms 118:8 is the exact middle verse of the Bible. There are 549 chapters before and after.

Psalms 119 – the longest chapter (176 verses)

Psalms 117 – the shortest chapter (2 verses)

Psalms 129 – the center word is “LORD”

Esther 8:9 – the longest verse (90 words; 425 letters)

John 11:35 – shortest verse (2 word , “JESUS WEPT”)

Ezra 7:21 – contains all the letters of the alphabet except for the letter “J”

Esther – the book in the Bible that doesn’t mentioned the word “LORD or “GOD”

Isaiah 30:6 – flying serpents (snakes)

Isaiah 8:1 – longest name (Maher-shalal-hash-baz)

No words of more than 6 syllables can be found in the Bible. (accrdg. to the Prince of Granada)

Cherubim – angels with 2 wings (2 Sam. 22:11; Ps. 18:10

Seraphim – angels with 6 wings (Isa. 6:2)

About 50 Bibles are sold every minute

The Bible, the world’s best-selling book, is also the world’s most shop-lifted book.

2 John has the fewest number of verses of any book in the Bible.

3 John has the fewest number of words.

Job is the oldest book written in the Bible.

The word “Christian” appears only three times in the Bible.

The word “GOD” does not appear in the book of Esther and Song of Solomon