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“The church is organized to evangelize.” MHB, p.73-74

We’ve learned these guidelines during our missionary training in the campus. The lecture was given by Pastor Bacus.

1. Know and understand your topics to be presented.

2. Pray and ask the power of the Holy Spirit.

3. Use the question and answer method. Let the prospect answer the question and read the Bible text.

4. Let your prospect read the verse.

5. Sit in front of your prospect.

6. Always lift Jesus high in every topic – John 12:32

7. Remember the don’ts

a. Don’t sit beside the prospect especially if opposite sex

b. Don’t answer questions not related to the topic

c. Don’t give Bible study without a prayer

d. Don’t give Bible study with an opposite sex alone. Bring someone.

e. Don’t stay long – 30 minutes only (to give the Holy Spirit time in their hearts.)

f. Don’t chitchat with them and don’t eat snack or meal offered if possible.

g. Don’t be late with the appointment.

8. Start with the bridging topics – topics that are not doctrinal

9. Advertise/ tell your next topic

10. Wear your proper attire. Be neat and clean.

11. Encourage your prospect to ask questions.

12. Answer objection before it is being raised.

13. Don’t argue or debate.

14. Pray before you leave. Ask if they have prayer requests.

15. Pray, pray, pray!