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Cold and windy weather did not stop us to do our Mission work in Un Bo Won. It’s a center that takes care of handicapped and mentally retarded people in Korea.

Together with Taeneung church’s Pastors and youth members, we visited them and sang carols to them. Wearing a Santa hat, we’re so happy to sing Christmas songs to them. After the mini concert, they watched a short video about Christ crucifixion.

Looking at them I wondered if they could understand us. When we got the chance to talk to them, I was surprised that they understood us perfectly. We formed a group of 5 and had a short conversation with them. We asked their names, and since almost all of them couldn’t talk, they would answer by writing their names on the floor with their fingers. After the brief intro, the Korean youth that is with me in the group prayed for them.

So happy to hear songs especially prepared for them.

Watching a short video and preparing for the game.

Fishing for their gifts.

After the games, we all headed out to the cafeteria to have some snacks. Their face beamed with happiness upon receiving their snacks. I had small talks with them through a translator. Some of them were staying in the center for as long as 6 years.

Reflecting upon their situation and seeing their innocence and being in their own world, really touched my heart. They kept on asking me to eat more and they even served me drinks. I asked them if they have families. They just kept quiet. The silence and blank expression in their faces is clear enough for me to understand what they meant.

This was when we were about to leave. They would tap us in our shoulders and make a sign that they want to have pictures with us. They just love to pose!

They were all guys and they were all like kids, like kindergarten that is. They were not violent at all. In fact, they were all very friendly. Their minds maybe simple and couldn’t function well like that of a normal person, but they’re all God’s children too. They also need to know that there is a God who died for them. Showing kindness to them in a very simple way is making them feel that they are not forgotten. How I wish there’s more that I could do more for them. For now, praying for them is the best gift I could give them. Let’s all pray for them.