An impromptu article written by Jackie Lou Respecio

What is






Why is this hardship  anywhere, and everywhere? When this piece of paper was given to me, I kept it somewhere in between..nyahahaha!:-P…because I could feel the hardship of scribbling words in this tiny paper.


Usually, hardship is the caused of our action and the word

hard-headed ^_^ hehehe!

Anyway, let us not blame God in every hardship that we encounter and take whatever we may encounter in the future.


Let us make it into positive way that hardship is our “teacher”

Hardship teaches us in so many and different ways.

It gives us strength in every difficulties and stands us in every stumbling moments…hehehe!

It smoothens our rough characters.

It makes us meek.

Remember, only those who are meek will go to heaven. (Hala!)


And it brings us closer to God.



God is in major major distressed whenever He sees us in hardship.

However, God never just look.

He helps us t overcome it.

And most of the time we forgot immediately that He is the one Who delivers us from that.


Soon, God will end our major major hardships in this word!

So let us fasten our seatbelts (faith) tightly

as we travel the major major bumpy and rough journey called…