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Do you know what is “maria maria”? How about “tino tino”?

My friends and I were reminiscing about are childhood days and what we used to play and eat way back then. The topic turned to fruits. I told them how I used to haunt the surroundings for wild fruits like “maria-maria” and “tino tino.”  I was surprised that they have no idea what these two wild fruits are.

So I searched the internet for pictures to show them. It took me some time to find pictures because I don’t know their English names. Also, because these fruits are called by different names in different places. It seems that, aside from my family and I, no one else knows that these fruits are called by these names.

Here they are…

Tino Tino

a.k.a. caped gooseberry or laptukay

photo credit: http://www.hear.org. (Click the photo to go to the website)

I was surprised to know that  these wild fruit, unknown to most of us, is also found in Hawaii. It can be processed and made into jam. Can also be dried similar to how raisins are made.

Maria Maria

a.k.a. wild passion fruit, bush passion fruit

A wild plant – related to passion fruit. The green fruits are wrapped in a green mesh-like covering. When ripen, they are orange, size of a cherry, and taste a bit like passion fruit.

Photo Credit: click the photos

I like fruits, except for really sour ones. The only sour fruit that I can tolerate is soursop or guyabano. I decided to share some of the fruits I grew up eating in the Philippines.

Guyabano – Soursop

Apple Mango – Indian Mango

Banana – Senorita, Red Banana, Green Banana, lakatan, mona lisa, Saba


Guava – Wild Guava, Apple Guava


Cashew Fruit



Sampalok – Tamarind

Balimbing – Star Fruit

Not really my fave, but I like the star shape it has when cut.

Caimito- Star Apple




Cacao Fruit


Langgka – Jackfruit

Tiesa – Chesa

Lansones – Lanzones


All images are courtesy of Google search.