In spite of the non-stop pouring of rain for days, it didn’t stop the missionaries in WCKC (West Central Korean Conference) to bring “sunshine” by distributing more than 800pcs. of religious tracts in Juksan.

We were so excited not only because of the opportunity to meet our fellow missionaries, but also because the activity is extra special. Extra special because it was the FIRST ever tracts distribution activity done in the place.

According to the Junior pastor of the church, there are at least 13 other Protestant churches in the area. So it’s a bit of a challenge to hand out the tracts to the people because most of them go to church on Sunday. But praise be to God for the people readily accepted the tracts. Even though the weather did not change into bright and sunny day, the “Light of God” shone brighter than the sun through the tracts.


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We were divided into 4 groups with 3-4 persons each.  Although the Pastors, church elders and even some members were busy or would rather stay at home to rest that day, they came to assist us. The pastors and elders led each team to their designated areas.


My team was assigned in apartments. We put the tracts in mailboxes and slip them in each apartment doors. We’re instructed to slip tracts only to those doors with a sticker identifying them as Christians. But still, even though there were no stickers, we still slip tracts on some doors praying that they will open their hearts and mind to the bidding of the Holy Spirit.


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After the festive lunch prepared by the church members, we headed out to Anseong with the Junior pastor and his family and one church Elder. We watched the famous traditional Korean drumming and dancing, called Samulnori, courtesy of Juksan church.

It was indeed a memorable tracts distribution experience for us. We are so thankful that we we’re able to share to the people the truth about the true “day of rest.” May God bless those who received and read the tracts.