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We’re nearing the end of our training in the 1000MM but before we can be dispatched to our respective mission fields, we are yet to have our cottage meeting. We were taught how to do house visitation, give Bible study, prepare and deliver a sermon, community service and even friendship ministry. All of these are essential and would help us in our soul-winning ministry. Now is the time to put them into practice.

Our cottage meeting was held in the province or Rizal, Laguna. Instead of having it by groups in different places, we had it in the same place and all of us 124 missionaries with all our Korean and Filipino pastors and cafeteria staffs. A total of 140 persons living together in an unfinished multi-purpose building.

a famous mountain in Rizal Laguna

It took us almost 2 hours to get to the place by bus. From the highway we had to walk for about 15-20 minutes going to the place where we’ll be staying.

One unforgettable moment about the place was the python trapped in one of the rooms on the second floor. We’re not allowed to go near that room, for our safety. The boys occupied the second floor and the right side part of the building on the ground floor. While the girls occupied the ground floor and the left side of the building. Tarpaulins were used as dividers for our respective places and to ensure privacy.

~ the usual morning routine ~

Another unforgettable thing was the restrooms. There were only two restrooms, one for girls and one for boys. Each restrooms has only two toilets. Imagine there were 140 persons who would need to use the restroom in any given time of the day. So the management decided to build another toilet outside the building. Not only that, the water supply isn’t enough for all of us. I would bathed very early in the morning (like 3am) because that was the only time when there’s plenty of water. The rest of the day we had to wait for a while to fill a bucket. They also bought big water containers to store water while we’re having our daily lectures in the morning.

~ washing our plates ~

~ laundry day ~

We spent the early mornings with the usual devotional that we call GT (Godly Time), personal time, breakfast and lectures.

missionaries listening to lectures

The afternoon is spent visiting houses, giving Bible studies, children ministry, conducting health lectures and medical ministry like free massage, charcoal therapy, hydrotherapy and medical consultation, to the assigned Barangays for each group.

~ the nightly crusade held in the gym ~

At evening, we invited people to come to the public school’s gymnasium for the nightly crusade. Pastors and Laymen from South Luzon Conference were there to preach the gospel of hope and salvation. Every night and day missionaries were praying for these souls. We had a prayer marathon, praying all night asking God for help and empowerment through His Holy Spirit . We prayed most especially for the outpouring  of the double portion of the Holy Spirit, that He may work in the hearts of all the people we are ministering to, that they may come to know and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

~ there was great rejoicing in heaven that day ~

Our ministry in Rizal, Laguna brought 80 souls to God. Words were not enough to express the joy we felt that day upon seeing the precious souls publicly proclaiming their faith and acceptance of Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord through baptism.

Our hearts broke when at that same day we had to leave. Some of them were even crying, like babies weaned too soon. We made lots of friends. They became part of our daily lives and then after 3 weeks, we had to leave. But that’s the life of missionaries. We always seek new fields to sow the seed of  Good News.

We THANK and PRAISE God for without Him none of these would have been possible.



One night, the senior missionaries showed us this video to encourage us. It really helped a lot in reminding us our duty as God’s messenger to our fellowmen.