I am ever so thankful to my new-found friend, and fellow blogger, Ms. Lalaine Fonda of Curly Bookworm for giving me this “Sunshine Award.” It surely did bring sunshine to my blog^^*

surprising award :DUpon accepting the Sunshine Award, some simple rules should be followed:

  • Acknowledge the person who gave this award in a blog post.
  • Do the Q&A below.
  • Pass on the award to 10 deserving and aspiring bloggers, inform them and link to their blogs.


1.) Who is your favorite philosopher?

I’m not really into philosophy. In fact, I don’t know many philosophers. I only know the famous ones by names but not their philosophies ^^*

2.) What is your favorite number?

7 because it’s a perfect number. 5 because it’s my birth day.

3.) What is your favorite animal?

I like puppies.

4.) What is your favorite time of the day?

I like dusk, because I like to see sunsets.

5.) What’s your Facebook and Twitter?


I don’t have Twitter.

6.) What is your favorite holiday?

New Year. I like the feeling and idea of starting all anew. It’s more like having an endless second chances, to make or do things better.

7.) What is your favorite physical activity?

I love nature, so nature walk is really cool for me. Biking is also my fave^^*

8.) What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

uhm…I’m not really into drinks, but I like aloe vera juice.

9.) What is your passion?

Mission or charity works. I like talking or sharing about God, teaching and giving gifts to kids or people in remote places. Whenever I pack gifts for them, I feel fulfilled knowing that in small ways I could make a difference in their lives, that I could bring a simple smile to their faces^^*

Lay-outing. I’m not a professional but I love to get my hands and mind busy with lay-outing software.

Blogging. Though not a professional writer, I like expressing my self in this small space in the net^^*

10.) What is your favorite flower?

Pink and white roses, they are pure and lovely. Cherry blossoms and tulips.

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