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This is how I spent my 1st Sabbath in Chiang Rai.



We attended the opening of a new SDA church in Chiang Rai. The fellowship was well attended. The tribe know as Anka wore their traditional clothes. There were lots of youth and they played traditional and modern musical instruments together, basking us with heavenly music.

DSC02337 DSC02310DSC02317 DSC02334

After the ribbon cutting, we went inside the church and look what we saw…


A white board with the “Welcome Everyone” in 5 languages…including Tagalog. We wonder who wrote that because it was already written before we got to the place.

One thing I truly appreciate about this place is the abundance of food and fruit^^*

DSC02341 DSC02343

My favorite part of the day was when we visited an orphanage and minister to the kids by teaching them songs, having fun with them and giving them gifts. We said us goodbyes and hug them. As I hug them, I could feel their tight embrace. I’m sure that these precious kids long to be hug by their parents.

orphange A2

Spending time, playing and singing with them gives a smile both in our faces and hearts^^*

Feeling exhausted already and I’m sooo ready to hit the sack, but we still have dinner with the school teachers by 6pm. No time even for a short nap. both kindergarten and primary teachers, including the foreign teachers, have their chance to present. Unfortunately (fortunate for me^^*) we didn’t get to present our song.

DSC02370 DSC02381 DSC02397 DSC02411

It was a relief for us to be able to leave the party earlier. I couldn’t wait to go home and sleep. But then, tired as I was, I still didn’t get to sleep early…I ended up sleeping early in the morning (almost 3am) and woke up past 7 am. TT_TT  not good…not good!