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One thing I’ve learned about 7 Eleven stores is that they don’t build big stores. Instead, they build small convenient stores EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE possible.

7 eleven in Doi

The 7 Eleven store in Doi Mae Salong

Photo Credit to Virtual Tourist

I remember our trip last year in Doi Mae Salong flower hill in Thailand. It is  almost a 2-hour trip going atop of the mountain. And guess what convenient store we found there? 7 Eleven! I didn’t expect to find it in that place, but it’s right there.

How I wish our church is also like 7 Eleven.


Photo Credit to beta.philippinetrivia.com

While 7 Eleven stores are found in any big cities or remote areas all over the globe,  there are still a lot of places where our church is nowhere to be found or is not welcome.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have small churches everywhere and anywhere instead of one big church in one place only? Not that our churches will be just around every corner. Rather, in every town, barangay, or in remote places, whether atop a mountain or in cities, there would be at least one or two churches. The brethren don’t have to travel far if only there is a church nearby for them to have fellowship with each other.

What do you think? Which do you prefer?  A small church everywhere or one big church in one place?