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Our church is active when it comes to outreach ministry. We go out every Saturday afternoon to visit either orphanages, children homes or hospital.

A few months ago, it was my turn to find a children’s home for us to visit. I was so excited thinking that it will be easy to find one near our place because there are a lot of them in Chiang Rai alone. But my excitement turned into despair when most of the children’s home I contacted were not available and some are very far from our place. Also, most of the members of the group were on vacation in Bangkok. To make the story short, 3 weeks had passed and we’re not able to go out to do outreach ministry.

December came and it was my turn again. I called the same orphanages and children’s home I contacted before. Once again, they were not available for a visit. Some of them even told me to find another that has greater need than theirs.  It was Thursday morning and I still couldn’t find one. We’re also very busy decorating the stage in school for the Christmas program for next week so I don’t have much time searching online.

DSC02946That morning I called one orphanage but they hanged up on me several times. I was in the brink of desperation and was silently crying out to God to help me find one. I only have Thursday night to buy gifts for the kids, if ever I find one. We’re also busy preparing for the program next week so I don’t have enough time to search.

I found one that morning near our church. I called them several times, but no answer.  I sent email, but no reply.

It was almost lunchtime…

Then I looked at my phone and saw missed calls. I called the number and you wouldn’t believe how overwhelmed I was!!! They’ve read my email and when I asked if we could visit them, a big YES! was the answer.DSC02870

God indeed provided everything. From the gifts to our transportation, I once again witness His providence. We’re so blessed to see, sing songs and tell stories for them.

We were happy on how the kids were so polite, disciplined and most of them can understand and speak english! And most of all, they know Jesus. Thanks to the loving people who care for them and taught them about Jesus.

I realized then why the other orphanages turned me down. Another one really needs a visit from us. All things work for good to those who trust Him. 



Most of these children have disabilities that make it hard for them to do things on their own. Nevertheless, the children were all happy and I envy their enthusiasm in spite of their condition. Thank God for the kindness of people who take care of them. Most of all, I thank God for taking care of them and for being a Father to these children.