Exactly what I have in mind, but the author of this article expressed it much better than I could have myself.

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Atheists’ Anger All Seem To Come From The Same Complex

        It seems that much of all atheists’ anger comes from the same complex. The “‘God does not exist so I hate him for it. Oh wait, God does exist but he does not exist the way I want him to exist!'” complex. They hate God for “not existing” and then when evidence that points towards God existence and His truth says contrary they get even more upset because God does not exist the way they want him to. They elevate their own desires above God and their own lowly opinions and feelings above God’s perfect standards of truth and morality. So they then have to pretend God does not exist and delude themselves in order to feel good and ignore the guilt of sin. Much of it of course has to do with wanting to commit sinful…

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